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Brillyant is a global innovator of Integrated Resource Management Solutions serving industry, municipalities and the marine business.  Our enterprise provides products, services, consultation and training in cleantech.

Our technology focuses on the three most required resources: Water, Food and Energy. The Brillyant research and development team ensures compliance with environmental standards, and continual progress toward new sustainable methodologies.  Our best management practices include project monitoring as a successful adaptive management protocol for optimizing overall project success.

Brillyant's vision provides flexible, cost-effective water management strategies that complement restoration and responsible maintenance of healthy watershed frameworks.

We utilize the most environmentally responsible natural processes and a holistic approach to integrated ecosystem health management. Our successful restoration practices are quickly becoming the preferred standards for natural resource management.

Now is the time, to employ the knowledge of the past and present, endowing the future...  New ways of supplying clean water, producing healthful foods and restoring the environment will be the foundation of thriving communities.

Brillyant Technology provides solutions for sustainable development and healthy economies.

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