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The ocean is the single largest source of food in the world, not only directly, but also indirectly. This ecosystem is fragile, and being conscious of its delicate balance and proactive in responsible management is paramount. As humankind enjoys and reaps the benefits of the world oceans, it is our duty to prevent any significant damage to the marine environment.

Effective January, 2009, the IMO (International Maritime Organization) has made it mandatory for all new vessels entering service to be equipped with Ballast Water Decontamination Systems.  By 2016, all vessels must have these systems installed and operational.


Evidence shows that the global transfer of non-indigenous marine species, commonly referred to as “aquatic nuisance species,” is damaging many marine ecosystems. The effects might be irreversible. The installation of ballast water decontamination systems will ensure that the global transportation of harmful marine organisms will no longer occur.

There are several companies working to address this problem with a biocide solution. Biocides are chemical agents that are capable of destroying living organisms. There are several materials that have been proposed, some of which are now being tested. This “solution” will treat ballast water that has been pumped into the ships ballast system. Once in the ballast compartments, the “solution” will presumably destroy harmful organisms. This treated ballast water, when discharged back into the sea, will pose no threat to the new ecosystem. While using a biocide solution is feasible, it is certainly not the most desirable or advantageous.

The better alternative is BrillyantSea™ proprietary and patented “Electric Pulse Technology.”  It is more cost effective, modular, low energy, completely automatic, exceptionally easy to operate and has low maintenance costs. Additionally, the system can be installed while a ship is underway and does not require any down time.

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