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Wastewater Sludge Decontamination

This technology represents a significant step forward in the challenge of managing ever increasing volumes of wastewater sludge.  Regulations are in place which assist with handling these biosolids, but the predominant means of disposal is in landfills.  Land application is only permitted when the material is classified as "Class-A" (essentially pathogen free), however, present methods for producing "Class-A" biosolids are limited and not economical.

Additionally, when processed properly, wastewater sludge can be a valuble component in producing highly nutritious agricultural products.  The shipment and utilization of "Class-A" biosolids is not restricted, so proper processing into desireable products can be accomplished.

Brillyant is testing prototype Electric Pulse systems for the processing of high volumes of wastewater treatment plant sludge.

Benefits of Brillyant Electric Pulse:

  • Low energy, economical means of producing unrestricted "Class-A" biosolids
  • High voulme throughput allows municipal scale application
  • "Class-A" material is used to produce organic agricultual products
  • Sigificant landfill life extension


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