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Water is an amazing substance.  It is composed of very light molecules - even lighter than the oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air - and yet, it is a liquid at room temperature under ambient pressure.  Life came about in water and because of water, and, water is part of all living beings on Earth.

We are learning to manage our limited fresh water supplies and to process waste water for reuse for farming and industrial use, and even good clean potable water for drinking.  The positive effects of environmental legislation and regulations are proving that significant progress has been made and that water management practices are working and evolving.  All things considered, one good rule-of-thumb is, "Water Conservation is the best way to insure water availability and quality now, and for the long term."

More and more we are turning to the oceans for water and new technologies are allowing us to economically produce clean fresh water from the sea.  Membrane technology is always improving, and new methodss for extracting and fractionating inorganic salts are rendering concentrated waste streams valuable.

Brillyant is participating in several water management and water processing projects, and, is developing new low energy, economical means for water purification and distribution.



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