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Brillyant's waste management technology is a microbiotic engineering process that efficiently addresses critical environmental issues while yielding rich organic agricultural products. Brillyant creates maximum long term asset value from processing and recycling waste materials.  High volume waste processing has been optimized at a 100 acre facility in Mexico.

Brillyant started processing waste material in Florida in 2009 at two facilities.  Animal manures and beddings, green waste and food waste are pre-treated, then appropriately mixed and refined through a pipeline operation.  The conversion facilities are located near feedstocks and our cuctomers' farms. A processing site can be ramped up during a one-year period to produce over 20,000 tons per month of agricultural products.

Some features of the Florida operation:

1) Use of cost effective air-supported structures to secure the sensitive parts of the operation from rain, wind and hurricanes.

2) Automated onsite monitoring and lab facilities.

3) Association with local universities to further study the process steps and evolve the technology.

4) Association with the farmers and growers to expand the soil nutrient market and create optimal formulas for specific crops.

MISSION CRITICAL: Meetings with the Florida DEP provided the appropriate and clear path for operation of Brillyant Organic Materials Processing and Soil Nutrient Production Facilities in Florida.

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