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We're Innovators ... It's the collective energy exchange of clear and creative thinking that occurs daily among members of the BRILLYANT TEAM ... which still amazes and genuinely excites us ... it's scientific, cooperative, visionary, authentic, informed, holistic, complementary, performance-based, and solution-driven!

Founder and CEO - Henrik Brixen

Mr. Brixen's career spans more than two decades of Maritime Management and Entrepreneurial Leadership. His ingenuity and dedication earned him the distinguished rating of First Class Marine Engineer at the young age of 23. His professional experience in the Maritime Industry covers Service, Sales and Management.

In 1994, he founded the internationally recognized firm of SBS, a world-leader of smoke-emission control systems. Within five years, the company established offices in Denmark, Italy, Dubai, India and Singapore. His prior success is well leveraged in the emerging ballast water decontamination market, and in the water purification and waste processing business. Mr. Brixen is dedicated to making Brillyant a leader in Ecosystem Health Management.

Founder and President - Rick Grosch

Rick was born in New York City in 1953. He received his Bachelors degree from Northwestern College and then received his MBA from American Western University. Mr. Grosch started his career in the Law Enforcement field, but soon developed his entrepreneurial talents with the start up and successful sale of a variety of businesses. His personal career successes segued into a long and diversified business career in the Real Estate development and consulting field.

Prior to co-founding Brillyant Resources, Rick was the President of Brixen Grosch Associates, Inc., a South Florida real estate firm specializing in the sales and development of pre-construction luxury town homes and office condominiums. He supervised an annual budget in excess of $35 million dollars, managed contract negotiations related to sales, was responsible for short and long-term financing and directed operational development. Prior to Brixen Grosch Associates, he held a variety of senior management positions with several major developers. Rick and his family are long-time South Florida residents. When not absorbed by his business, he enjoys motorcycling, surfing and helping with various non-profit groups.

Chief Scientist and S.V.P. of R&D - Harold Gerdes, Ph.D.

Dr. Gerdes has over 25 years experience bridging the gap between newly developed technology and the marketplace. He has managed both industrial and academic laboratories with a focus on safe and profitable products. He is the inventor of several patented key technologies ranging from specialty polymers for use in the transportation industry to electronic and photonic systems for commercial and medical laser applications.

Dr. Gerdes has 15 years of international project management experience. His diverse technology background has allowed him to supervise the development of software, laser vector graphics engines, water and power distribution, chemical systems for trans-dermal drug delivery and waste processing technology. He has been a consultant to several corporations providing expertise in chemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, renewable energy and water resource management. Dr. Gerdes is now dedicated to the evolution of Brillyant’s innovative technologies for sustainable living. Dr. Gerdes received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University.

Chief Operating Officer - Gregg Lickstein

Gregg S. Lickstein, Immediate Past President and Principal of EDIFY LLC; a Partner since 2004 and is a Vice President with AXA Advisors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, joining as an agent in October 1992. Gregg brought to EDIFY LLC over 20 years of management, finance, accounting and sales experience. In the four short years at EDIFY LLC, he grew the company premiums from $150 million to $2.5 billion and created many new innovative opportunities and alliances for growth. Gregg in his role as President and acting CFO, was responsible for its accounting and overall operations. Gregg now uses his experience and knowledge to assist other companies to grow to their full potential providing management and financial oversight assistance as a Principal to the business and professional markets.

Director of Biotechnology - Steven Malovic, Ph.D.

Dr. Malovic has over 25 years entrepreneurial experience in both domestic and international biotechnology management, operations and sales.

For over a decade, when stationed in Saudi Arabia, he studied and developed superior organic farming methods. His pioneering technology resulted in the first high-volume commercial organic vegetable and fruit farms in the Arabian desert.

Through his innovative research on large land areas, he has created the ultimate natural organic fertilizers for bountiful organic farming. Along with solid Best Management Practices, these new techniques provide the key solution to reclaiming unusable sandy soils for long-term organic crop production.

New Brillyant Organic fertilizers developed by Dr. Malovic are rich in nutrients, micro-nutrients, organic matter and beneficial microorganisms. They improve moisture retention, suppress soil-borne diseases, reduce weeds, prevent erosion, promote plant establishment and significantly reduce the need for pesticides.

Dr. Malovic’s vision is to achieve environmentally sound organic agriculture, to safeguard watersheds and to be involved in education programs to help humanity.


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