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Brillyant has economical long-term solutions for West Virginia Wastewater Management and Watershed Restoration and Maintenance.

Continual technological evolution and significant cost reductions have recently made Advanced Wastewater Treatment utilizing Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, the best solution for small to medium (< 1,000,000 GPD influent) applications. This type of wastewater treatment is ideal for isolated communities in mountainous regions where extensive collection and sewer infrastructure is not available or feasible. The superior quality effluents from these units represent a significant step forward in the maintenance of sound watershed frameworks.

The smallest unit, the Cataloging Unit, which has an eight digit HUC is commonly referred to as a 4th field HUC or a “Sub Basin.” The 4th field HUC is generally used for local planning efforts but the scale is still quite large (mapping scale is 1:500,000, or approximately 448,000 acres for the smallest watersheds). Knowing a watershed's HUC designation may be important for understanding management issues within the region, as well as necessary for applying for watershed assistance granting opportunities (visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Surf Your Watershed Web site to learn more about your HUC watershed). The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is presently developing a national system that will map watersheds on a smaller scale – 1:24,000 (see NRCS' Watershed Boundary Dataset Web site for more information).


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